My services

Search Engine Optimization services:

SEO-consulting at the promotion stage

If you need a result, but aren't ready to pay an experienced SEO-specialist every month. Once in 3 months - audit, action plan and supervision. If you have anyone to implement all the recommendations.

SEO-audit for business websites

If your website has problems with search visibility. If you need to neutralize weaknesses, find growth-points in the SEO-strategy and get the result for 1-3 months after implementation of action plan.

SEO-services and management

If you want to completely give SEO to outsource. In the role of Senior SEO team-lead and strategist - I'll create a small remote team of 2-4 people and make analytics, copywriting, links, implementation.

SEO at the website development stage

If you plan to develop or relaunch a website and you want to start with the advanced SEO-strategy (structure, semantic, specifications). If you don't want to lose money and time for changes in the future.

SEO-assistance with website migration

If you plan to move the website to a new platform or make serious changes in UX or UI-design, structure, content, URLs, domain and you don't want to lose organic traffic significantly.

Removal of Google penalties

If the website has symptoms similar to a sharp drop in positions or search organic traffic. If you need operational diagnostics, a “treatment” plan with accompaniment up to the result.

Conversion Rate Optimization services:

Conversion Rate Optimization

If your website has traffic from 15 K/month, data from 6 months. If you need a CRO-program with a guarantee. Research, a/b-tests, roadmap, UX/UI mockups - 90 days to a new level of conversion rate.

Conversion Rate

If your website has traffic from 5 K/month, data from 2 months. If you need a one-time audit in 7-21 days with a list of recommendations (5-20 priority weaknesses) for implementation to the website.

(full package)

If you want to completely give CRO to outsource. In the role of a team lead, I'll create a small team of 2-4 people and make an audit, find hypothesis, run tests, design, implementation.

Conversion Rate Focused Redesign

If your website has traffic from 0 people/month. If you want to get a partial redesign of the priority pages, focused on the conversion rate, on the main UX-heuristics - without long audits and a/b-tests.

Set-up and run A/B-testing

If your website has traffic from 15K/month, data from 6 months. If you are interested in the correct technical implementation of a/b-tests on the main platforms: Google Optimize, VWO, Optimizely.

Set-up Basic Web-analytics

If your website is at the initial stage of using web-analytics. If you need to start tracking all micro- and macro conversions (forms, buttons, events) and start to increase conversion rate.