About the author - HarryChy

Greetings! I have been in internet marketing since 2012. I managed to work with local business, B2C and B2B sector, e-commerce in RU, UA and western segments.

Depending on the tasks - I act either as one specialist / consultant, or as a team-lead - gathering and coordinating a small but effective remote team for real business projects.


He started his career with client SEO as a freelancer in the RU and UA segments. Worked a bit - in-house.


In practice, I saw different levels of competition, I made mistakes myself and made conclusions, I saw how SEO specialists, agencies and clients themselves were mistaken, how search engines were getting smarter, how the results changed.


I started engaging in conversion optimization (CRO). I find weaknesses, hypotheses, testing, prototyping, shaping roadmaps. Responsible for the consequences.


He stopped working with 70% of customers (where there was a lack of understanding, development, motivation).


I stopped doing part of the work myself. In the format of SEO consulting, he began to participate in the promotion of projects, including Western ones.


Finally, he found the time and began to engage in a personal expert brand (website, blog, content).


Reduced the number of customers. I now put more emphasis on the quality of services. I am engaged in no more than 6 regular client projects.


Refused from the idea of ​​creating another, banal digital agency and from transforming into an office Internet marketer (generalist).


I stopped focusing only on clients and began to engage in some of my projects.

What I do?

I am a remote SEO & CRO-specialist (part-time). I increase SEO traffic and conversion rate for commercial websites.

SEO-consulting at the promotion stage

If you need a result, but aren't ready to pay an experienced SEO-specialist every month. Once in 3 months - audit, action plan and supervision. If you have anyone to implement all the recommendations.

SEO-audit for business websites

If your website has problems with search visibility. If you need to neutralize weaknesses, find growth-points in the SEO-strategy and get the result for 1-3 months after implementation of action plan.

Conversion Rate Optimization

If your website has traffic from 15 K/month, data from 6 months. If you need a CRO-program with a guarantee. Research, a/b-tests, roadmap, UX/UI mockups - 90 days to a new level of conversion rate.

Conversion Rate

If your website has traffic from 5 K/month, data from 2 months. If you need a one-time audit in 7-21 days with a list of recommendations (5-20 priority weaknesses) for implementation to the website.

SEO & CRO case-studies

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Geography of my clients



I have arrangements with other professional partners. They help implement my statement of work (UI-design, programming), setting up advanced web analytics and server A/B testing, linkbuilding, copywriting. But sometimes companies have reliable technical specialists who are ready to implement everything at a comfortable price. 





Professional skills, background

1) I know how to get more SEO traffic. 2) I find an interface that allows you to achieve goals in a simple and convenient way. 3) I analyze data from web analytics. 4) I do technical changes (tests, setting goals, etc.), I understand the basic web technologies and have experience in the website development. 5) As a marketer I segment an audience. 6) As a manager I form reports. 7) How the team-lead I coordinate implementation.

Web-analytics UX and UI design  Web technologies CMS platforms Communication Freelance-platforms


I'm using:

  • Google Universal Analytics, Яндекс Метрика
  • Heat Mapping: Hotjar, Mouseflow, CrazyEgg, ClickTale
  • Surveys and forms: Survey Monkey, Typeform, Qualaroo
  • User testing: Usertesting, UXcrowd
  • Google Tag Manager 
  • Google Docs Spreadsheets
  • A/B-testing platform: Google Optimize, VWO, Optimisely.

UX and UI design 

I'm using:

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Experience Design
  • Axure
  • Balsamiq Mockups


Web technologies

I'm using:

  • HTML (medium level)
  • CSS (medium level)
  • JavaScript (beginner level)


CMS platforms

I'm using: 

  • CMS Wordpress (advanced level)
  • CMS 1С-Битрикс (beginner level)
  • CMS Modx (medium level)
  • CMS OpenCart (beginner level)
  • CMS Joomla (beginner level)
  • CMS Magento (beginner level)


I'm using project management tools:

  • Jira
  • Worksection
  • Trello
  • Bitrix 24
  • Google Drive



I have accounts on the freelance-platforms:

  • Upwork.com
  • Guru.com
  • Legiit.com
  • Fiverr.com
  • Freelancer.com
  • Peopleperhour.com
  • Outsource.com
  • And etc